FG Xpress is the story of a brilliant scientist who developed a breakthrough technology dedicated to the health of humanity, a CEO in pain, and a group of entrepreneurs ready to help you live a healthy and abundant life… and I want to send you a free sample *

ronRon Williams, Founder of FG Xpress, was traveling in Asia in 2012.  Ron suffered from severe chronic back pain due to a sports injury.  A Doctor offered him a “Power Strip”.  Ron was skeptical but agreed to try it.  It was life changing.  Now FG Xpress has been born to help Billions of people around the world  achieve optimal health and unlimited financial opportunity.

class1fdaAs someone who has suffered from chronic back pain I was immediately drawn to this product.   Power Strips are FDA listed as a Class 1 Medical Device for pain relief and cosmetic use for the look and feel of skin. And let’s be honest; if pain is gone you feel better, have more energy and mental clarity. And if your skin looks and feels younger you feel better about yourself.

If you are visiting this site because you are seeking a health solution I strongly encourage you to try the product. If you are someone that is open to a business that helps people and has extraordinary income potential I strongly encourage you to both try the product and to let people you care about try the product.

6 star

Kevin O'Connor, the founder of FG Express Team

Kevin O’Connor, the founder of RocketFuel Team

Thanks to an amazing team, I am the first person to acheive 6 Star Rank in the Company.  Of the 108 highest ranks in FG Xpress, 85 are part of my team. This is a testament to these leaders, to the power of this product and to an Executive Team that is unparalleled in this industry.  In just  months into our per-launch we are shipping and paying commissions to over 130 countries and our team is in each of these countries.  We are developing the only Global,  Multi Language recruiting system in the company.  Fill out the form and ask me how we can help you  create the financial life you desire.  And check out my offer to send a free sample.

My Story

“It was when disaster struck that I learned the value of residual income.”

I was running a fast growing manufacturing company from 1991 to 1996. We were under an exclusive multi-year contract with a large brand name company. By contract we had no other customers. At the end of 1996 they canceled our contract and said, “sue us, we will tie you up in court for years.” Welcome to the dog eat dog world. We were burning through cash and could not save the company. I was on the verge of bankruptcy when I discovered a start up network marketing company that I was inspired by. A job was not going to save me and I had no money to start a new company, so I went after it as if my life depended on it because it did. I was debt free in 10 months and was soon on the way to earning over $40,000 per month.

“In my manufacturing business we had placed all our eggs in what I thought was a strong basket until they broke and made my life a mess. This was a powerful lesson; it served me well in 2013″

Flash forward;  I have run a network marketing company, consulted for several, and eventually decided to get back to building an organization. In November of 2012 I was given a glimpse of the future. When I saw it I knew that it had the potential to be the biggest thing I have ever been involved with; it is called FG Xpress and it is unlike anything that you have ever seen.

Imagine a product that helps people with two highly emotional issues; pain and better skin.  It is a wearable strip and ships anywhere in the world in a greeting card. One product, one price, $4.95 to ship anywhere in the world.


No borders for the product, no limits on your income. Now, instead of all of my eggs in one basket, my income is diversified over many countries. This is a new model of Network Marketing. And please, do not worry about not knowing anyone in another country. Start in your community and it will inevitably travel to other parts of the world.

FG Xpress has an executive team that has taken an earlier company to 1 Billion dollars in annual sales. That team has assembled to repeat history. cool

I started RocketFuel Team as a support team for my entire organization. We are the fastest growing team in the company. See the company recognition page by clicking here,  90%  of the people on here are part of the team. We invite you to be next. Our support systems are multi language and designed to help the newest person joining us create success.

My goals are simple;  help millions of people achieve a pain free life with youthful energy and in the process create millions of “thousand-aires”, people earning an extra thousand or more per month to their income, and several millionaires in the process. You get to decide which of those you want to be.