Ketopia Opportunity

There’s a fever pitch of excitement in both the online business and health & fitness communities and the one word on the tip of everybody’s tongues is Ketopia.

Ketopia is the new 10 day weight loss reset program that works by getting your body into “ketosis” a state in which you burn fat at a much faster rate.

In just 10 days people are losing as much as 15 pounds and several inches around the waist but don’t just take my word for it, these photos say more than we ever could.

Ketopia 10 Day Reset Testimonial

With the excitement surrounding Ketopia I sat down to talk with Kevin O’Connor, FG Xpress All Star and six figure monthly earner to talk about the exciting opportunity this presents.

Kevin O'Connor, the founder of FG Express Team
Kevin O’Connor, FG Xpress All Star

1.)  The last year has seen an explosion in growth from FG Xpress. A lot of that has been led by your team, making you one of the top industry earners. What has that experience been like?

Kevin O’Connor: It’s been gratifying in many ways. but mostly because our products help people. So the bigger the growth the more people we are helping. And that equates with the fact that many of our team members are experiencing great financial success.

Our business offers people the chance to make great part time income so that they can save and have a more relaxed life. It also offers almost unlimited opportunity. We have team members who are making more in a year then they had in the previous  5 to 7 years combined.

2.) Even after all the success of the past year you seem to think the new weight loss system Ketopia is far and away the most exciting thing you’ve come across. Can you explain why?

Kevin O’Connor: Because there has never been a product like Ketopia before. The most effective way to lose weight is to burn fat. To do that the body must switch from burning carbs to fat. When it is burning fat that is called Ketosis. This is immensely difficult to accomplish with diet and can take an extreme diet and take up to 30 days to make that switch.

“Scientists developed an all natural formula that combines certain electrolytes and puts the body into Ketosis in 1 to 3 hours, and we can prove it.

We call the system The Ketopia 10 Day Reset program. On average people are losing 7 to 12 pounds in 10 days.

The program is simple, it is scientific, yet here is what we ask people; if you could drink a delicious drink and eat a fantastic cookie, and lose weight would you want to know more?

Of course they say yes.

3.) What kind of opportunity does Ketopia present?

Kevin O’Connor: Weight loss has always been one of the biggest categories for an opportunity but It is hard to distinguish one product from another these days.

There has been no scientific breakthrough in years until Ketopia, so in essence it is a category creator inside one of the most profitable industries in the world.

The world spent 586  Billion dollars in 2014 on weight loss products and programs and yet we are in the midst of a global obesity epidemic. That’s insane.

Ketopia is not only breakthrough but it is simple, doable, affordable and might be the biggest thing that has happened in direct sales in 20 years.

4.) What would you say to someone teetering on the edge of whether or not to get involved with FG Xpress and Ketopia?

Kevin O’Connor: Just the facts. FG Xpress is  a division of a 11 year old publicly traded company called Forevergreen, so you can own a piece of the company. Over the last 2 1/2 years we have entered into over 200 countries and territories and have a global infrastructure.

Our other lead products ship globally. We will cross the $100 Million annual sales mark for the first time this year.This means stability yet that is a small enough number that the major growth is in front of us.

Add Ketopia to this and watch out, world here we come.

5.) How do you see the next year playing out with FG Xpress and Ketopia?

Kevin O’Connor: I see a company positioned for growth. It will take time for the company to register Ketopia in the major foreign markets and create global growth, but in North America this will be a year of astounding growth and opportunity.

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