All-In-One Nutritional Shot

That Will Give You: Vitality - Health

How will Prodigy-5 change Nutrtiton?
In One word, Absorption.

Your every day capsules & vitamins simply never make it past the stomach acids to absorb in the bloodstream and cells

Prodigy-5 contains patent pending TransArmour technology, an all natural agent that bonds and protects nutrients and quickly races them to the cells for maximum absorption.

If it doesn’t make it to the cells it simply doesn’t count.
Prodigy 5 Solved the Absorption Problem… But What are You Absorbing?

The 5 Strengths of Prodigy 5

Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Eye Health
Green Tea Vitality Boost
Developed by the youngest doctor in history, Dr. Ambati, this unique nutrtional supplement is a key to giving your body the vital nutrients it needs.
Graduated High School at 11
Graduated Mount Sinai Medical School at 14
Graduated medical school and became an MD at 17

This genius mind made the technological breakthrough that is TransArmour Technology. His quest is to deliver high impact nutrition that improves the health of people around the globe, protects our vision, our eyes, and to do it in a simple single shot making it simple and delicious to consume.

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It’s Not Just the Product… It’s the Opportunity

Prodigy-5 represents a breakthrough in health and science. Like other products from FG Xpress, a month’s supply ships in an envelope anywhere in the world and can only be purchased through an FG Xpress distributor.
We are the largest and most successful team in the company, with the top earners and leaders spanning the world. Our teams and systems teach success and simplicity and we would love to have you join us as we take this breakthrough to the world.

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