Beauty Strips

Beauty Strips System by FG Xpress

When a baby is born, her skin naturally contains large amounts of collagen, elastin and water, and this is what keeps the skin in its youthful state. Over time, we begin to develop unhealthy eating habits. We are also susceptible to impurities in the environment and the sun’s damaging rays, and they are the reason that our skin ages. If you are wondering whether or not you can slow the aging process down, you can be assured that it is possible to do so.

How the Beautystrips System Was Developed

Researcher Michelle LeSueur discovered that when people enter the sixth decade of their lives, they notice that their skin isn’t as tight as it used to be. In the ten years that she has studied this subject, she learned that moisture is the answer to this problem. In fact, she discovered the secret after a trip to the beach and not when she was in the laboratory.

The ocean contains several ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and these are the elements that LeSueur added to the Beautystrips System. Once completed, the system had morphed into two significant parts of a whole that restore the natural beauty you had when you were younger. The fact is that these products are made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that can only be found in the Beautystrips Mask and the Beautystrips Serum.

The Beautystrips Mask

The proprietary kelp mask contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are highly effective at removing impurities from the skin. In the process, the kelp mask lifts and tightens the skin as it soothes and calms this largest organ in your body. Along with kelp, the mask contains 31 other ingredients that also tighten the skin and remove toxins.

As you continue to use the system, you will notice several improvements in your skin. The kelp mask helps to diminish your pores and increase your skin’s elasticity. It nourishes, brightens and moisturizes your skin as it rejuvenates the skin and corrects imperfections.

The Beautystrips Serum

The Beautystrips System’s other proprietary product is the daily serum that exacts its best results when used along with the kelp mask. The serum contains peptides that add volume to the skin, tighten the skin, increase the amount of moisture in the skin and decrease wrinkles. These wonderful effects are largely due to the ingredient Telegenex-5 that creates an environment where the skin’s cells have the opportunity to flourish as they were meant to naturally. Another important ingredient is a stabilized form of vitamin C. Along with other antioxidants, this important ingredient helps to decrease wrinkles in your skin.

The daily serum provides many other important benefits as well. For example, it is instrumental in reducing the appearance of your pores, tightening your skin, increasing the amount of elastin and collagen in your skin, diminishing the amount of sagging and age spots in your skin, improving the feel of the skin and making it appear younger. In addition to correcting damage that has been done in the past, the serum also prevents future