Finding Success in Network Marketing

When someone say’s to me, “is this one of those Network Marketing companies?”  my answer is “Absolutely, I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.”

With Bob Steed, President of International Sales. In Paris
With Bob Steed, President of FGX International Sales. In Paris

Network Marketing saved my life. I am not exaggerating. At least it saved my financial life, if not, I’d still be in debt from a business loss in 1997.

I’m going to tell you a few things that you’ll like and a few things that you won’t like. Let’s get the won’t like part over with:

  • You won’t just put a few people in and get rich. It’s happened but it’s rare. The sad truth is that your outcome is determined by your effort and if you want to make good money you have to put in good effort. Great money requires great effort. Logical, right? Yet I still hear people pitch the ridiculous idea that it requires little effort
  • So called Heavy Hitters don’t want to talk to you. Why should they. If they are genuinely successful then they have proved themselves like an A List Athlete. That doesn’t mean they won’t talk to a successful person above you, so if you want to attract successful people get to know the successful people in your organization that are above you (your upline). The good news is that you don’t need them in order for you to be successful. Build teams, make money and people will say about you, “she’s a heavy hitter.”
  • Network Marketing can change peoples lives. I’ve experienced it, I see it all of the time and this I promise you, if you are new to it, there will come a day, despite all of the things you said you were going to do; buy a house, send your kids to the best schools, retire financially secure, YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO QUIT! It’s normal, it’s part of the process, it’s part of the testing to see if you “wish things will change” or are dedicated to your dreams  and will make them change.

Anyone, and I mean anyone with some desire, can make $500 to $5000 per month in Network Marketing. It simply requires time and some consistent effort. If you want to go beyond $5000 then you really need to understand the good news.

  • This is a business. Like any business it requires daily disciplined action. It requires systems that everyone can follow. Your company will provide some of the systems and your upline will provide some. You are your own boss so you must provide the discipline and the desire. I will be very straightforward; if there are no systems to follow then you will fail because neither you or your  your teams will know what to do.
  • But it’s a very different kind of business. And this is the really good news. The company and it’s products are really just a vehicle for someone to get something they want. Obviously you want and need a good company and a good product. But no one joins your company or put’s out effort just to sell something. We do it because we want something that it can gain us; money, respect, freedom, a better home. So don’t just pitch your  product and comp plan, no one cares, what they want to know is if there is a realistic possibility that they can make a few dreams come true.
  • That’s why I love this kind of business, it is about empowering people to make their dreams come true. If you focus on this, on building teams of people around a common desire to make their dreams come true then you become a leader and it is leaders that make the big money in MLM, not the Leader that thinks it’s all about them, but the Leader who knows without a doubt that it is all about their people.
  • Success is determined by YOU! It’s your show, you are the boss. If $500 extra per month is what you want and you attain it then you are a success. If $50,000 per month is what you want and you attain it then of course you are a success. You better know what you want because if you don’t you will have no vision for what success means. It is this vision of what you want that keeps you rooted in the business. Determine what you want and ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price in time and effort. Obviously you will pay a higher price for $50,000  than you will pay for $500.

545088_379893842068146_595600877_nNow that you have determined what success is for you it’s time to look at the vehicle that will get you there. Here are few important questions to ask about the company that you choose.

  • Do the owners have experience in the Network Marketing industry and do they have anyone on staff or advisors who have made their living building a downline? This is an important asset because being in an office and being in the field are very different experiences and it is critically important that the executive team have a grasp of this.
  • Is the product(s) on the cutting edge of an expanding trend. Is it proprietary and exclusive and will it allow you to differentiate yourself in the market?
  • Do people want the product? Is there a large market for it?
  • Are there marketing systems in place from your company and upline to help you deliver the company’s message. This should go beyond just a website and it should be a simple system that others can duplicate.

Plenty of companies start in one country and expand over time to others. But there is a new game changer in FG Xpress. Because of the nature of the product we are able to be global from day 1. In just 6 months we have shipped and paid commissions into over 120 countries. You might think to yourself, “I don’t know anyone in another country.” Don’t worry, it starts in your neighborhood and before long someone tells their friend in Miami who tells their friend in Brazil, who calls their cousin in Spain and so on. I have Distributors in over 100 countries and I didn’t enroll people from any of them, except for the Philippines. The rest just happened and that’s what makes FG Xpress so unique.

Whatever company you choose, make it a commitment, decide what you want and never let naysayers steal your dreams.

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